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​​Sanctuary with Ryan Weiss has helped thousands of people overcome emotional challenges in a way that helps nurture—rather than avoid—the complex feelings that make us human. Here you’ll find simple accessible tools, information, and a community of support to help you learn to love your whole self. You are accepted here, exactly as you are.

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The Sanctuary Song

Do you ever feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and want to push play on that perfect song that lifts you up? LeAnn Rimes, MILCK, and Ryan wrote I AM HERE to remind you that you are loved and supported no matter what you face. Take a listen and save this song to start your day right. Push play when you need a jolt of loving kindness and inspiration. And share with someone in your life who you love to lift up.


Taking Care of Yourself Starts Here

In these illuminating 15 minute video seminars, Ryan will walk you through common blocks that are holding you back from reaching your potential. You’ll learn simple, but impactful, exercises to help you take care of yourself. You'll learn how to be less reactive and more present in the midst of feeling stress and managing daily challenges.

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How do we stay connected, collaborative, and creative in the workplace when the world continues to shift beneath our feet? From speaking to corporate retreats to leadership coaching and more, Ryan creates an inviting space to reframe how we approach burnout, conflict management, and problem-solving. He inspires a renewed sense of purpose for leaders and teams in a changing world.


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Want to get to know Ryan and his work? Here’s a collection of his favorite interviews.
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The Sanctuary Challenge

Now more than ever, it's essential to slow down, take time for yourself, and pay attention to what you need at any given moment. The Sanctuary Challenge is a free 60 day self-care practice made up of one to five daily commitments to help you nurture yourself in a fast-paced, ever-changing world.

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“When I met Ryan my life was in shambles and I needed a strong, gentle, understanding and empathetic nudge in a spiritual direction. Ryan is all this and so much more than words can express. Ryan helped me get unstuck and on a life course toward success and a much healthier relationship with myself that continues to this day. He remains a true friend and I am forever grateful.”
Taye Diggs
“I have changed more in six months with Ryan then with all the therapy and self-development I have done over 20 years combined. What started as professional coaching quickly transformed my personal life as well. Ryan has helped me find contentment and peace while providing me the tools to heal lifelong wounds that I didn’t realize were holding me back. I am a happier because of him. I will be forever grateful for the light Ryan has brought to my life, but more so the light he continues to help me see within myself.”
Theresa Fette
"Ryan gives the safe place to unpack all your shit, and see how loved and special you are, WITH it. Then he gives you the tools and love and support to navigate your way to the life YOU really want.  I'm not just talking about the material things (although those things do tend to show up when you start doing the work), but the life that makes want to be a part of it all again. He completely rebuilt the relationship I had with myself, and then in turn healed so many of my other relationships (family, friends, career, etc)."
Jamie Lynn Sigler
"There’s no Spiritual bypassing with Ryan. He gets right into the real work that creates immediate change. Ryan has this uncanny ability to enlighten and empower you in the most challenging moments and hold you accountable in a nurturing yet impactful way. Ryan is authentic and realistic in his approach. I’ve learned more about life in these 3 months than I could have imagined.”
Jake Arnold
“Ryan saw me and felt for me, which led him to speak up for me when I needed it most. I was at a time in my life when I was just starting to find my voice and my calling, and Ryan gave me the boost and support I needed at the start of my journey.  He gave voice to my voice when I didn’t yet have the power nor the words to speak up for myself. Thank you so very much, Ryan.  I will never forget the moment — it will stay with me for all of my days. Ryan is more than a guide, he’s my friend and my brother.”
John Lee White
“For me, Ryan has been a consistent source of affirmation, love and encouragement. There is never a moment where I don’t feel unequivocally seen and understood by him. And through that understanding, he is able to ask soul-shifting, life-altering questions that have led me to subtle and massive shifts that have rebuilt my life I am beyond thrilled that he has created this Sanctuary so that millions can access the magic that I have been so fortunate to experience.”
Maya Watson

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